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The company was created to answer the needs of modern businesses, which base their performance on an impeccable client service, building credibility and meaningful presence in the market.

WISE founder has developed a proprietary and comprehensive Executive Presence program that is a unique blend of Presentation Skills, Body Language, Public Speaking, Message Building and Delivery.

Our belief is that to become more successful in your career, you not only have to be credible, but be able to project this credibility in all your business activities.

Key programs

WISE services are highly results-oriented for immediate effect and tailored to meet distinctive expectations of our clients in different business areas.


A C-level executive

Speaking to large audiences

Addressing board members and executive committees

Taking part in panel discussions

Giving interviews

Advanced client interactions and engagement

Key messages for high impact presentations

Rehearsals and improvements of client/conference presentations

Town Hall delivery enhancement


An executive female professional

Dealing with unconscious bias in your work place

Projecting credibility

Inspiring younger colleagues

Becoming a role model and a leader

Network effectively

Finding a mentor/ Becoming a mentor

Addressing Gender Diversity – moving towards inclusion

Addressing Gender Diversity – moving towards inclusion

Unconscious Bias – what is it and how to deal with it?

Overcoming hidden bias

Value of Diversity and Inclusion

Practical reality and daily operations

Fostering an inclusive and conscious environment


A client-facing professional


(0-5 years experience)

Listening Skills

First Impressions impact

Successful communication with colleagues and managers

Building credibility

Pitching senior executives

Effective marketing materials


(5+ years experience)

Projecting credibility

Body Language in client facing roles

Internal presentations and message delivery

Gaining visibility outside your work place

Targeted pitch

Focused Key Message

Successful WISE method

Would you prefer a one-on-one program or a group session?
All our training sessions are customised to fit your needs. Learn more about how we work:

Customised, Individual Communication

Because the coaching and the learning that occurs are uniquely tailored to you, the process differs for each executive, manager, or client. You and WISE work together to design a unique, collaborative process that will create the desired goals.

Focused, Measurable Progress and Instant Feedback

Our training plan identifies specific behaviours and areas for improvement. We agree on desired goals, create dedicated space in your calendar for a specific number of sessions, and agree on an action plan.

Fundamental and lasting changes in behaviour

Our training process helps you identify important behaviours that are influencing and affecting your professional growth. Whether you want to gain more authority in the work place or become more approachable, will provide you with a tool box that you will be able to use depending on the situation you are in. You will understand how you are being assessed by others and enhance positive behaviours or replace those that impede more successful communication. Successful communication, this and acknowledged credibility will become an inherent part of your assessment.

Programs. Download as PDF

C-level executive training program

Pitch like a boss training program

Equal opportunities training program

Junior client-facing professional

Senior client-facing professional

Anna Foster - professional coach and trainer

Founder’s profile

Anna M. Foster’s formal education includes a B.A, and an M.A. degrees as well as additional certification in Business Communication and International Relations from the University of Warsaw and the University of California, Berkeley. Anna has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asia.

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